Services Provided by Mesal

Mesal provides ICT solutions to your business to bring efficiency to your process and quality to your products. The range of solutions vary from providing custom solutions to strategic consultancy.


In this age of information a single glitch in your ICT systems could ruin your  business reputation and put you out of competition. Mesal Infosec gives you that edge in the market by keeping your systems secure that enables you to provide efficient yet  reliable services to your customer.

Software Development

Mesal will develop software systems that are customized to fit your business. Mesal's software solutions brings your clients and partners together to help you strive in the market. We help you grasp future trends to make time and market aware innovative decisions

Geospatial Solutions

Our GIS based systems will fly you to WHERE your business can. Equipped with our geopstial systems, You can control where your assets are and how they are being used; where should you open your next production plant or warehouse; where is your potential market and more..... Our geospatial experts are there to help you figure out your WHERE questions.

ICT Consultancy

Are you wondering whether you need an IT department for your business? Or are you lost unable to choose what solutions fits your organization best among the myriads of available software!? Fret not! Mesal will consult you on every area of IT to help you decide what strategic path to take.




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