Database Design

As a manager or any other employee, imagine the data that your organization has produced over time was lost? Forbid that, but it would create chaos to any firm. That's where databases become handy. Databases help you keep your data safe, and look through any kind of information fast and easy.

Mesal will help you keep your data safe while enabling you to share it either to external working partners or within your organization for inter-departmental integration. Depending on the size, policy and infrastructure of your firm, the databases we develop can be:

  • Oracle Database
  • MS SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL


Our database solution will give you the advantages of:

Controlling Data Redundancy:
In non-database systems (traditional computer file processing), each application program has its own files. In this case, the duplicated copies of the same data are created at many places. Through Mesal's database applications, all the data of an organization is integrated into a single database. The data is recorded at only one place in the database and it is not duplicated.

Data Consistency:
With database in place in your organization, there will not be any discrepancy regarding information within all of your departments.

Data Sharing: Through our database application, data can be shared by authorized users of the organization. The database administrator manages the data and gives rights to users to access the data. Many users can be authorized to access the same set of information simultaneously. The remote users can also share same data. Similarly, the data of same database can be shared between different application programs within your firm.


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