Mesal Infosec provides various security solutions to organizations of all size and type. The security solutions we provide include security awareness programs creating strong strategic business partnership with local companies which helps us to work together to capitalize on prospective opportunities. Our security awareness program includes:

Security Awareness Training
With the growth of ICT use in organizations in Ethiopia, information security has become a point of focus. Mesal infosec has provided security awareness programs to various organizations in the country in creating partnership bonds.

Compliance to Standards
The vulnerabilities of an organization’s information processing systems, networks, human resource, physical security, policies and procedures should be identified before hackers exploit them. A countermeasure for each critical and high level vulnerabilities should be implemented after they have been identified.

Mesal in collaboration with our partner can help your organization to identify vulnerabilities and provide a countermeasure through security auditing, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing.

Through security audit, your organization's security policy can be made to international standards such as ISO 27001 or PCI-DSS, or any other firm specific standard. Our ISO 27001 compliance will help organizations to identify their level of security in terms of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Security Awareness Program
Without an aware and attack preventive employees organizations would not be safe no matter how much security measures they place as humans are the weakest link. Employees should know what security measures they need to take during their daily duties. Mesal and its partners have accumulated through the years the experience and knowledge and are providing a security awareness program to different organizations and companies. The methodology we use for teaching are easy to understand but effective to protect attacks through the employees.
Our training contents has been developed using best practices such as NIST –SP800-50 ( Building an information security awareness and training program) but can be customized according to the organizational needs.

Our security awareness program is for

  • Managers- under this program managers will be trained in how to handle the organization security including employees security, system security, network security etc.
  • End users- An awareness program for end users in how to secure use the system they access and mitigate from cyber-attacks will be trained
  • Developers and administrators- Developers will be trained in how to securely develop applications by using best practice development guides. Besides to this, most common web applications vulnerabilities as stated in OWASP top ten and SANS top 25 will be taught in detail. Network and System administrators will also be trained what security measures they need to take in deploying, configuring, designing, and administrating networks and systems.


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