Finance Management System


Mesal’s already developed generic Financial management system (FMS) is a system that assists the activities done by finance and budget departments of small and large companies.

The core features of Mesal’s FMS system include but not limited to:

  • Register code of customer who are interested to purchase productions,
  • Register incoming money,
  • Manage budget Preparation and control regularly,
  • Manage petty cash replenishment,
  • Maintain returned wage or salary requests,
  • Manage allowance payment,
  • Manage purchase request payment,
  • Manage workers and overtime payment,
  • Manage company bank accounts,
  • Record Bank Statements
  • Reconcile bank statements,
  • Manage Loans
  • Maintain Fines
  • Maintain sales,
  • Approve Financial Statements
  • Maintain Invoice Information
  • Manage account payables/receivables
  • Manage Information of Customers, vendors, suppliers
  • Generate different and standard types of Financial reports:
  • General Ledger,
  • Trail balance,
  • Chart of Accounts,
  • Balance Sheet,
  • Journal,
  • Income statement.


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