Human Resource Management System


Managing employee records, attracting and retaining high performers, maintaining accurate and timely payroll and managing all aspects of human resource management processes can be a serious challenge without proper management systems. The use of computerized Human Resource Management Systems in organisations can expedite the task of managing employee records and a whole spectrum of human resource management processes leading to benefits such as improved human resource service delivery, better achievement of the organisations mission critical objectives and improved organisational efficiency through better utilization of human resources.

Mesal’s already developed and on the shelf Human Resource Management System (HRMS) mainly does tasks specifically:

  • Managing recruitment,
  • Training and skills development management,
  • Career planning and management,
  • Employee Performance management,
  • Staff benefit management,
  • Personnel records management,
  • Leave management,
  • Clearance Management,
  • Attendance management,
  • Retirement management,
  • Payroll system management,
  • Discipline problem management,
  • Complaint management,
  • Employees termination and exit management,
  • Report generation and management
  • User Administration and Management.
  • Others..


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