Inventory Management System


Mesal’s generic SMS system is cutting-edge application that will help its customers’ Store management in many directions. This system is already developed on the shelf product and is being used by our customers. The system is developed and available both in Web based and desktop application so that our customers’ will have the option to choose the platform that matches with their existing environment. The system is also open for customization according to our customers’ requirements. The system is developed in consultation with experienced store management experts in order for it meets the requirements of our customers’ and public procurement and property administration agency. Mesal’s SMS system is developed specifically for managing the movement, Shipment and storage of materials throughout the entire store and beyond. The core features of Mesal’S SMS system include:

  • Maintain Received Items,
  • Maintain Issued Items,
  • Manage Purchase Request ,
  • Manage Purchase Order
  • Maintain Item Delivery,
  • Manage Returned Items,
  • Maintain Item Balance,
  • Manage Expiration Dates,
  • Manage Inventory of Items
  • Track Item Location in the store
  • Manage Item Movement
  • Manage Stock Status
  • Manage Stock Alarms and Notifications
  • Manage Items disposal
  • Generating variety of reports periodically.


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