Our Off The Shelf Products

Mesal has ready made software that can be installed as is or customized to fit your specific need.

Human Resource Management System

Managing employee records, attracting and retaining high performers, maintaining accurate and timely payroll and managing all aspects of human resource management processes can be a serious challenge without proper management systems. The use of computerized Human Resource Management Systems in organisations can expedite the task of managing employee records and a whole spectrum of human resource management processes leading to benefits such as improved human resource service delivery, better achievement of the organisations mission critical objectives and improved organisational efficiency through better utilization of human resources. .

Finance Management System

Mesal’s already developed generic Financial management system (FMS) is a system that assists the activities done by finance and budget departments of small and medium companies.

Inventory Management System

Mesal’s generic Inventory Management System is cutting-edge application that will help its customers’ Store management in many directions. This system is already developed on the shelf product and is being used by our customers. The system is developed and available both in Web based and desktop application so that our customers’ will have the option to choose the platform that matches with their existing environment. The system is also open for customization according to our customers’ requirements.




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