Security Compliance

The vulnerabilities of an organization’s information processing systems, networks, human resource, physical security, policies and procedures should be identified before hackers exploit them. A countermeasure for each critical and high level vulnerabilities should be implemented after they have been identified.

Mesal in collaboration with our partner can help your organization to identify vulnerabilities and provide a countermeasure through security auditing, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing.

Our ISO 27001 compliance will help organizations to identify their level of security interms of confidentiality, integrity and availability. If the information is appropriately managed and secured the organization will be certified.

Any business such as banks and businesses that store, process or transmit cardholder data are required to be PCI-DSS compliant. A quarterly vulnerability scanning through an Approved Vulnerability Scanning (ASV) and a yearly compliance through a qualified Security Assessor should be performed by on those organizations

Mesal in collaboration with our partner Sec2Labs can help organizations to get a quarterly scan and a yearly compliance service.

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